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Making a Will - It's a matter of choice

Unfortunately the vast majority of people never get round to leaving a Will which can have consequences for their loved ones, especially at an extremely emotional time.

It seems only common sense to make a record of your wishes with regard to your property and possessions after your death and yet surveys repeatedly tell us that the majority of the population do not get round to it, assume it is unimportant or consider themselves as owning too little for it to be necessary.

Consideration should be given to making a Will by everyone particularly those who own their own home, especially those who have children and even more especially for those who are either unmarried or estranged from their spouse. Making a Will is the first and most important step in organising your affairs in the best interest of your loved ones but it is also important to realise that it is usually much less expensive to make a Will than it is to die without a Will.

Below you will find some useful information in relation to making a Will.

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Common misconceptions and reasons given for not making a Will:

“I don’t have enough to make it worthwhile”

- even low value estates will normally require an application for Confirmation (Probate) and this process is much simpler and less expensive if there is a Will.

“Everything will go to my spouse automatically”

- without a Will only restricted items pass to a spouse, with prescribed upper limits.

“I am too young to make a Will”

- Sadly, many young or middle aged people die suddenly through accident or illness.

“It is too complicated and expensive”

- it does not need to be, but if your family situation is complex it is even more essential to discuss appropriate Will structures.

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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Wealth Preservation
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