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Time for a Financial Review?

Whether you are in your twenties or your seventies it makes sense to take stock of your financial situation at least every couple of years.  Here at Thomas Queen we can help you look at every aspect of your financial and personal situation such as :-

· Your Will:- There are several good reasons why you should consider making a Will or reviewing the terms of your Will if one is already in place.  There are no good reasons for not considering making a Will.

· Power of Attorney:- Also known as a “Lifetime” Will, a Power of Attorney allows you to prepare for your future if you become physically or mentally impaired.  Powers of Attorney can be prepared to deal with welfare and medical issues, as well as financial matters.

· Your current mortgage:- Are you paying too much for your current loan? You may have just come out of a fixed term deal in which case you will have likely reverted back to your lender’s variable rate. This may be higher than you need to be paying. We can help you shop around for the right deal.

· Protection:- You can never be sure what is round the next corner; a new job, a new baby or even a win on the lottery.  But sometimes, without warning life throws the unthinkable at us.  Many of us will know of someone who has died too young or even heard of someone’s battle to survive a serious illness.  The financial consequences of trying to deal with these circumstances can be devastating.  We never think it will happen to us but sometimes it does.  And while protection insurance can’t stop the unthinkable it can make dealing with the consequences a little easier.  Are you sure you are fully insured for life cover and when was the last time you considered if you have sufficient buildings and contents cover for your home? These are crucial areas, which need to be regularly revisited to ensure adequate cover for your family and loved ones is in place to look after their future. Even if you already have cover in place it may well be that we can find cheaper or better cover elsewhere.

· Pensions:- Pensions can be a very complex area and people can switch off to them, but they are a vital part of financial planning, not least because of the generous tax-relief they enjoy.  You may be one of many with several pension pots scattered around different places. If you are over 50 and have significant pension funds then you can realise tax free cash or income if you have need for it at present.  You may not have started a pension yet.  If so, we can refer you onto an Independent Financial Advisor.

· Equity Release:-  As you will be aware property prices locally have increased significantly in recent times.  You may have considerable capital tied up in your house which you may wish access to now when you are young enough to enjoy it.  The cost of equity release loans can be quite attractive, especially on an interest-only basis.  Whilst everyone should make provision for their family’s financial future, this should not necessarily be at their own personal expense.  Releasing a small amount of equity now can make a significant difference to your lifestyle, particularly if you are at or near retirement age and wish to boost your disposable income.

· Investments:- When was the last time you reviewed your portfolio?  Do your investment choices still meet with your attitude to risk? With the stock market being in a state of flux in recent times there has never been a better time to review your situation.  With access to literally thousands of funds we can help you find the right investment solution for you.

· Debt Consolidation:-  Do you have more than one secured loan or do you have multiple loans for which you are paying exorbitant monthly payments?  The cost of unsecured loans and personal loans can be at a high APR.  Again, as a result of the rise in house valuations it may be possible to consolidate to a normal Building Society or Bank mortgage so saving significant monthly outgoings.

If you would like to arrange a free no obligation financial review please call Tom Queen on Freephone 0800 169 4046 or e-mail him at

You have nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain, so please telephone today.

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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Wealth Preservation
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